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Once cash arrives, users are able to spend it all on Bitcoin/Ethereum. Similarly, cryptocurrencies here are turned into USD/EUR, which is then withdrawn onto the user’s bank account. These currencies make up an overwhelming portion of the modern crypto market. Put simply, Bitcoin & Ethereum are the only cryptocurrencies any user needs.

Selling BTC on Tokenexus


You are free to do it on one of the special services, which collect such feedback or go to Tokenexus official site and read the reviews of these exchanges. You turn up a trading interface, set a crypto order of the exact type, volume, price of crypto you want bought or sold. If there is a person who wants to sell or buy crypto and is agreeable with these terms, the deal is done. It’s not particularly old – the first coins were released back in 2009. Back in the day, the Bitcoin could only get you a meal, while now it’s more than a legitimate means to buy anything from live estate to the full-blown companies.

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange: should you use this service?

Tokenexus is an online exchange platform that mainly focuses in cryptocurrency trading, boasting over more than 20 financial instruments to trade. It was established in Estonia in 2018, making it one of the youngest cryptocurrency brokers out there. So, why should you pick Tokenexus over countless other crypto exchanges? Most crypto exchanges offer many features, many of which are unnecessary or pointless.

What Is A Depth Chart?

However, most of the praise and popularity comes from either word-of-mouth, or from forum comments from around the internet. In other terms of security, Tokenexus keeps its clients’ funds in segregated accounts in order to prevent the online broker to use it for the company’s other obligations such as paying off debts, etc. Safety and security are the two most important aspects that every online brokerage must look into. It protects its clients and assures that its operations have met with industry standards. Unfortunately, Tokenexus seems to lack any evidence of having proper regulations from authoritative entities. This would mean that any potential client could be a target for Tokenexus scammers due to a lack of jurisdiction.

Of course, many may argue that even well-known companies were scammed despite their high level of protection. However, I think that real professionals are continually improving the security protocols of their crypto exchange and, therefore, such companies have almost no chance of losing money because of scammers. Also, it is worth noting the fact that the speed of trading operations is one of the best in the cryptocurrency market. Among the features of working with Tokenexus crypto exchange, it is worth noting that it is mandatory to go through the registration procedure for each user.

  1. Abundance of options as seen on Coinbase & Binance is great, but not practical.
  2. Even after working on other crypto exchanges, there is not much to get used to this platform.
  3. The broker claims to offer competitive prices and conditions that allow its client base to trade in safe and favorable trading conditions.
  4. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews.
  5. You turn up a trading interface, set a crypto order of the exact type, volume, price of crypto you want bought or sold.

We are your reliable guide in the world of cryptocurrencies

There are numerous independent opinions, but a good chunk is found on review aggregators such as Trustpilot. On these platforms, Tokenexus usually receives positive assessments and ratings of 4/5 on average. Specific cryptocurrencies – Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin – are growing rapidly, such cryptocurrencies would be good investment targets.


Moreover, the customer support agents know their job and this, once again, shows how good Tokenexus is. This already shows that the service is trustable and adds some trust to it. If it cheats its clients and steals their funds, it will lose its licenses immediately and will be banned. Its offerings are rather small, though one thing that can turn potential clients away is the lack of any Tokenexus customer reviews which could make the decision-making rather difficult.

Most people disliked the need to wait for 5 days before the funds are sent and someone also said that they would like the commission to be less. Payment options also include third-party online services such as Paypal. Furthermore, payments and withdrawals can be made with other digital wallets online.


There are no Institutional or Angel investors in However, most of the details listed above may often be subject to change. Therefore, for updated information, please look into the broker’s official website. In short, Bitcoin is still growing, and it’s likely going to continue growing. Investing into the coin isn’t late, which leads us neatly into the question of how much Bitcoin costs currently. On a different level, here is Gabriel’s piece about his encounter with Tokenexus in comparison to a different exchange.

Tokenexus requires your main information to build a solid partnership. Too little data would compromise security; too much would corrupt confidentiality & privacy of users. New cryptocurrencies will likely appear later, including promising, rapidly growing & demanded cryptocurrencies. Visitors are free to estimate the future crypto additions by looking at the ‘how to buy’ category. The section is educational, but it shows the possible destinations Tokenexus plans.

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